Mold Removal Equipment

Mold Removal Equipment

Mold Test Kit

Mold and mildew would no longer be a problem if you are well-equipped with the right kind of gear.

Mold Removal Equipment includes the products that eliminate mold, testers that test the presence of mold, special vacuums for the removal of water and molds from the carpet, dehumidifiers for the removal of surplus moisture and a wide range of other equipment meant for personal safety. Hiring a professional prepared with experience and the right equipment is advisable instead of trying to get rid of it on your own.

Mold Removal Equipment

All the mold remediation services do not have the same gear for removal of molds. But, there are some essential components of Mold Removal Equipment Kit which every contractor should have. Shown here are some of the must-have equipment for every mold remediation contractor.

  • Air scrubbers are essential for removing the harmful spores of mold from the air.
  • Negative air machines to check the airborne mold spores.
  • Meters to measure humidity content in the air (air laden with moisture leads to the growth of mold).
  • Dehumidifiers for removing additional moisture from the air.
  • Carpet dryers to remove the surplus moisture from the carpets which ultimately leads to the growth of mold).
  • Disinfectants to kill the molds.
  • Respirator masks because some of the strain of molds is highly toxic.
  • Shoe covers, gloves, hair scarfs etc should be worn while handling molds.
  • Heavy duty plastic bags for the safe disposal of toxic strains of molds.
  • Duct tape

The equipment meant for the removal of molds can be easily obtained and pretty affordable.

Although some people pick up rubber gloves, heavy duty plastic bags, air scrubbers etc and try to remove the molds by themselves. But owing to the toxic nature of some molds, it is advisable to hire professionals for mold remediation so that it can be done safely and thoroughly.

Most equipment produces low noise and can be used in the sensitive areas.

Dry Ice Blast Cleaning for Mold Removal is Preferable:

Dry ice blast cleaning is fast gaining popularity as the effective mold removal and cleaning equipment. It is indeed a better and more preferred way for mold removal than using the old conventional techniques like scrapers, wire brushes and sanders.

With the use of dry ice mold removal technique, you can remove and clean the molds easily and thoroughly. This mold cleaning and removal method takes much less time. Some people use soda blasting method for mold removal but the dry ice method is preferable.

Mold Removal Equipment

There are many who try to remove molds physically and hand pick them which is risky and should be avoided. It is advisable to hire a reliable and professional mold remediation company equipped with the best equipment. They take care of the nearby objects and do not let them contaminated with mold. During the mold removal process, the mold spores are likely to become airborne hence they cannot be captured easily.

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